A Fly fisher’s Diary ( January )

Curing the Winter Blues!

We had a short break from the pike here at fish X this January. We chose to put a few sessions in to target some specimen winter Grayling .


This was not going to be an easy task as water temps never really got cold enough to produce the best fishing conditions.  Water levels remained too high throughout most of the month. However, we picked our sessions and managed to net some trophy sized Grayling in a very short window.

Usually in the winter, as the temperature drops Grayling shoal up in deeper runs.

This was not the case this year and the fish were scattered throughout the river system. Fishing the duo and trio set up was the technique we found most successful. These big Grayling really put up some fight when they engage. That big dorsal fin in the strong current and a few had me running done the river to get below them, before they snapped my light tippet.

Brown Trout

Some nice out of season Brown Trout turned up too. We look forward to targeting these fish with our guests in a month or so, when the brown trout season reopens here in Scotland.

Spring is in the air!

I love being out on the river at this time of year as you start to see life taking hold again. Wild flowers like the snow drop (Galanthus) start to pop up and animals start to become a bit more active. Subsequently, Spring appears to be in the air as I write this.

Winter rainbows

Apart from Grayling fishing we joined our good friends Wes and Jen up at You Fish Scotland for some fun with the Rainbows! Having just got our new float tubes though from 12.bb which are now available to purchase direct from our online store.  We couldn’t wait to get out on them.

As you can see from the pics, we had a great time. With numerous rainbows into double figures and as always great hospitality from Wes and Jen. They had the kettle constantly on the boil throughout the day. The 12.bb float tubes are definitely one of the best in the market. That is to say as far as quality and safety they surpass any other belly boat I’ve used in the past.

If you choose to join us on one of our float tube safaris, you’ll experience this for yourself. These are what Fish X will now be using.

Guide style fly’s

As you can imagine, the Scottish winter can put a limit to your time on the water. However, we haven’t been wasting our time indoors. We have been replenishing and rebuilding our fly boxes for the year ahead and i’ll bring you some of these trusty guide style patterns over the next few months.

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