Late summer fishing with fishX!

Spinning plates

It’s been busy over the last month or so here at FishX and I’ve struggled to post as often as usual on social media, so I thought I’d do a quick blog to let you guys know what’s been happening.

My own fishing has been pretty none existent, other than some short pleasure sessions on my local trout water!

Proud Dad!
Being the father of five boys has taken over recently, the boys back at boxing post covid their training has took up a lot of time. But life lesson if you want something you have to work hard and the boys were rewarded with my second oldest Campbell winning gold at the Scottish schoolboy championships and my boy in the middle of the pack Ramsay picking up a silver!

I did manage a trip with the five boys in tow, whilst the good lady was away walking the west highland way! We headed off to chase sea bass on the coast but despite being out in the middle of the night, casting fly’s into the darkness, which is an experience itself, I turned up a blank! It’s a true saying you can’t catch what’s not there and the fish seemed to be out a bit further than we could cast our fly’s, feeding  in deeper water! The highlight was this cracking shot I managed to get of Neil Turner playing a bass he managed during the day, whilst we were fishing a pollock mark!Neil put the shot to good use and got a canvas done for his wall! Really nice buddy!

Loch Ken Perch Mecca

I had FishX regular guest out for a perch trip on Loch Ken. Mark now holds the record for number of species to the boat in a trip, catching perch, ruff, bream and pike!

Here’s Mark with some nice Ken perch, showing off at times catching two at once!

Even though I think we we’re a few weeks early for the best fishing I managed a few nice ones myself

the tourists return


it’s been great to welcome some tourists back and I had the pleasure of welcoming Maria and William from London, who were spending the weekend in Edinburgh for some short notice trout fishing. Neither of the guys had cast a fly before, we sorted that out but although we managed a few hooks ups Maria won the bragging rights with her massive perch! Great company and a pleasure to spend a few hours with!

I introduced some guys to pike fly fishing! Robert Kippen, already a pike angler took to it like a duck to water, having close to ten fish to the boat in his session!

Neal Annand (Angus)  and Colin Williams from Wales we’re both seasoned Salmon anglers, used to fishing a double hander took a bit of getting used to single handed rod and really having to rip the hook into the pikes hard boney mouths! But after missing half a dozen takes or so and Colin dropping a fish estimated over 20lbs after a five minute battle, the guys managed a number of fish to their boats!

Colin was with us for four days and was looking for a varied and wild experience! Time was split fishing highland rivers for trout, casting from the bank for pike and fishing from my own boat and a day on the lake of dreams! (Mentieth!) Colin been a keen bird watcher he was able to take in golden eagles whilst out with me on my own boat!



Our old friend from Essex Jon Bandell joined us again for his regular trip at this time of year! As usual, Jon fly’s into Glasgow Airport and we sort the rest from there. We we’re met with dramatic weather and skies, along with the pike being on the hunt it made for another successful trip for Jon.

This fish below came in text book fashion. Using the minn Kota spot lock, we set the boat up, right along a weed edge! First cast in the right spot, ah shot out and smashed Jon’s Miriuas Mouse! Great fight and the fish going 109cm


Jon had close to 20 fish for his trip, all on lures, going between casting and trolling at times when Jon needed a bit of a break from casting. Here he is below with another nice fish over 100cm and a double hook up!


Mark Wade joined me again and picked up where Jon left off! Good numbers of fish to the boat, including some cracking specimens, again all on lures!

This one took a liking for a 28cm westin Mike the pike!

Casting the 26cm savage gear line thru roach was doing well for me, numerous fish over the 100cm mark just about ripping the rod out my hand!

Fish hit lures and fly’s all year round, you just need to adapt your approach! Below are some double hook ups from Marks trip! Me catching on the strike pro guppie and Peter Temples excellent hand made glider, Mark nailing them on McRubbers


Mark finished off his trip with another around the 100cm mark!


The highlight off the year!

Due to covid Andrey Pramov’s trip has been delayed from early 2020. Andrey ( who I now class as a friend) from Bulgaria and his some Alex from Luxembourg have been super patient, as the trip was rescheduled again and again. But they arrived into Edinburgh Airport on Monday the fourth of October and their Scottish adventure began.

From the get go, it was great to see the relationship Andrey has with his son Alex. I can only hope when my boys are up and adults we have the same bond. We had a scenic drive up to loch Awe, stopping at angling active in Stirling along the way to pick up a few non essentials and the whisky shop in Callander to pick up the essentials!

Anyone who knows me, knows I do things to the highest standard and try to give my guests the best experience possible! Unfortunately when we arrived at our lodge at the Portsonachan hotel on loch Awe I was totally embarrassed and ashamed at what met us! Totally let down by the Portsonachan, the lodges on the website look fantastic but what met us, was like a freshly cleaned murder scene in dilapidated house! After two days we got upgraded into which could only be described as liveable conditions! I will put a separate post up on my social media showing what met us but safe to say! Lesson learned and I will never take a guest into the Portsonachan again! Thanks to Andrey and Alex for understanding the situation and I know the rest of the trip, although the fishing conditions were hard made up for it!

Andrey with a nice perch on a custom Bulgarian spoon

Andrey brought his own tackle which to me was like heavy perch gear! I explained to Andrey that Loch Awe pike are renowned for how hard they hit and fight! Emphasising that he must adjust his drag to suit! It wasn’t long before he knew what I ment  and in his own words, when asked how they fight in comparison to pike in Bulgaria he stated “times ten!”

Alex in on the action under the careful eye of his father! Pike Jedi and his padawan!

we shared some great times at the dinner table and shared experiences in the boat, like when this young Gilliemot swam 100 yards straight to the boat and came on board to say hello!

We fished in the backyard of castles, took in highland cows, red phone boxes and even fish and chips from Inveraray! Team pike paramedics was born!

I truly hope to meet these guys again and hopefully next time we don’t need to work as hard for the fish!

But that’s what separates the 5%! From the rest!

Here’s to the autumn and winter! Big crocs and lady’s of the stream!




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  1. Andrey Pramov says:

    Thanks for all, Stuart! Our first fishing trip and our first visit to Scotland ever, and we are already in an everlasting love with the country and people! Hopefully will be back fishing with you again on an annual basis!!!

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